Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses for the Wedding and Beyond

Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses for the Wedding and Beyond

Planning your wedding can be exciting and worrisome at the same time. This is particularly true when making decisions about your bridesmaids’ dresses. 

As with most brides, you probably have an array of friends and family who will be walking with you down the aisle. Each one of your selected attendants will likely be different both in personality and style. Choosing the right dress for everyone can be a daunting task, especially when you’d like them all to enjoy the dress beyond your wedding day.

We’ve got a few ideas for you to consider that may help make this decision a bit easier.

Same Fabric with Different Dress Styles

One way to keep uniformity within your wedding, while giving your bridesmaids some freedom to choose a dress that flatters their specific figure, is for you to decide on a fabric and allow your attendants to select their own style for the dress.

Not only does this option let each of your bridesmaid’s individuality shine through, it also gives them a real sense of being a part of the wedding and contributing to your special moment in their own unique way. 

Of course, you may want to set some guidelines on style, such as the length of the dress or restricting certain style choices, as a plunging neckline at a formal event may not set the right tone.

With some basic boundaries, you and your bridesmaids can feel good about donning the “dreaded” bridesmaid dress, not just on your wedding day but for future occasions as well.

Separates with Varying Tops or Skirts

Deciding to go with separates provides you and your bridesmaids with a ton of options. As the bride, you may decide which piece you’d like to be the same, whether that is the top or the skirt. This might also include you choosing the specific fabric and style.

Your bridesmaids may then have the flexibility to choose what they’d like for the remaining separate. In this way, the pieces are still in unison but offer a diverse visual feature, pleasing to both your wedding party and guests

You may want to place some limits on their selections by offering a few specific fabrics they may choose from as well as styles. Nonetheless, they will be able to have a say in putting together their own look and possibly use one or both of the pieces for another occasion.

Same Style with Different Colors

Some colors look better with certain skin tones and hair colors than others. The likelihood that all of your bridesmaids look great in the same color or have the same color preference is slim. 

Choosing the style and fabric you like, while giving your bridesmaids a limited color palette from which to choose from, is a great option. Your bridesmaids can pick the color that flatters them the best and feel beautiful as they each take their stroll to the altar.

Style Flattering to Most Figures

Depending on your attendants, you may be able to find a style of dress that is flattering to most of their figures. An A-line design is appealing on the majority of women’s shapes and is inherently classic. It is one that has proven to be stylish throughout the ages, and will most likely continue to be.

You should also consider picking a dress that reflects simplicity and ease. This will satisfy most tastes and complement the curve variations of your selected attendees. 

Most importantly, you want to select a dress style that flatters every one of them equally. This will help keep the spotlight off of a single attendant, whether good or bad, and reinforce the feeling of singularity during the ceremony as well as in your photographs.

Choice is Yours

Ultimately, the decision for your bridesmaid dresses should be based upon what you want to convey at your wedding. Today, brides are not restrained from having to follow some of the etiquette rules of the past. Anything goes! 

From the color palettes to the design, bridesmaid dresses have evolved into an inspiring platform meant to complement and enhance your wedding gown. Taking into account your bridesmaids and any suggestions they may have is always a good idea. Just keep in mind, this is your day and the choice is yours to make.


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