Tips for Having Kids in Your Bridal party

Tips for Having Kids in Your Bridal party

Are you planning on having a flower girl or ring bearer? While you may know of a little boy or girl you plan to ask to be in your wedding, you should think about his or her age before you ask them. Don’t just assume they’ll do it. Really little ones (under four) may not be able to make it down the aisle themselves.

You may need a parent or close relative they know well to either stand at the end of the aisle so they walk to them or have an adult walk with them. You don’t want them to freeze or throw a tantrum in the middle of the aisle. That’s not fair to the children, their parents or you.

Older children may be able to walk down the aisle themselves, but you may want to ask their opinions on the outfits they wear. The older they are, the more likely it is that they will not be happy campers in outfits they think are too young for them.

Once girls get to be tweens and teens, they’ve outgrown the role of flower girl and the title of junior bridesmaid is more appropriate.

But before you ask any children to be in your wedding, talk to their parents. They will know if their kids will really be comfortable being the center of attention for those few moments. And don’t force the issue. Parents who say “No thanks” are probably doing you a huge favor.


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