What You Need to Know When Choosing a Wedding Cake

What You Need to Know When Choosing a Wedding Cake

Although birthday and other special-occasion cakes can be very elaborate, most people will never buy a more beautiful cake than their wedding cake. There are so many options, deciding where to start can be quite a task. Listed below are a few tips to make the cake-choosing process a little easier.

1. The cake should be designed to suit the theme of the wedding, as well as the personality and budget of the bride and groom.

2. Go to several cake designers to compare quality and taste. Bring along color swatches, pictures of cakes you like, and other helpful information.

3. Cake orders can be booked even up to a year in advance. Don’t be hesitant to start early. Remember that most couples want to get married during warm weather months, so book early and avoid the rush.

4. The sky is the limit when it comes to cake flavors. It’s no longer necessary to order only white cake with white icing. Brides are now choosing vibrant flavors such as red velvet, pink champagne, or even carrot cake. Many times, more than one flavor can be incorporated in a multi-tiered wedding cake.

5. Try out the many delicious new flavors of fondant icing, which goes over the traditional buttercream. Fondant is what gives many contemporary cakes the much-desired clean, smooth look seen in magazines today. Fondant also helps keep the cake as moist as when it came out of the oven.

6. On a budget? Choose a smaller cake and serve sheet cakes to make up the difference. A dessert table will also cut down on the number of servings you will need. Order sheet cakes in several flavors to give your guests a choice.

7. Be prepared to leave a deposit with the bakery, which may not be refundable. Deposits range from $50 to half the price of the cake. Once you find the person you want to make your cake, you will want to leave a deposit as soon as possible to make sure your date is reserved for you.

8. Most cake suppliers will charge an additional fee for the set-up and delivery of your wedding cake. It takes a great deal of time to travel to the venue and to set up the cake, making sure every detail is perfect.

Remember, your wedding cake is very special. If you work with experienced, qualified professionals, and you follow these tips, you should be able to avoid some of the problems and pitfalls you might otherwise encounter.


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