Black wedding dresses

Black Wedding Dresses

Would you wear a black wedding dress to your wedding?

Why don’t we see more black wedding dresses? Why do they always have to be white? It’s only in the last hundred or so years that wedding dresses have been white and the tradition has stuck. I suppose there’s that aspect of purity and virginity that the colour white suggests, which of course goes hand-in-hand with a new bride, but these days we all know that’s not true. It’s rare to find a couple that haven’t lived together before marriage, so a virgin bride in our atheist Western society is pretty rare. So why stick with white? Why not break the mould and choose a coloured, patterned or black wedding dress, if that’s what you want?

It’s very rare to see coloured wedding dresses, let alone black wedding dresses. You may see a hint of colour on a predominantly white dress. You may even see a pale pink dress and on occasion, you may see a red dress. For those sticking with the norm of weddings, it’s only likely that you’ll find a colourful dress at a really casual wedding, a civil partnership or a pagan wedding. But black, well, it’s got to be a gothic wedding or a wedding where the couple really want to go against the establishment. 

Believe me, it’s becoming more popular and there are boutiques responding with gorgeous and glamorous colourful dresses including black wedding dresses. There’s absolutely no reason why these shouldn’t be ‘wedding’ dresses.

Black Wedding Dresses

I fully believe you should wear what you want. Wear what suits you and wear something that you love. If you have a passion for black wedding gowns, so be it. You’ll be happy in that dress and that will show to your guests, your partner and will resonate in your photographs. What’s the point in wearing something just because the current tradition and fashion industry says that’s what you should? It was only Queen Vic that made the white wedding dress popular, so why couldn’t that trend shift just as quick.

It’s worth saying that black wedding gowns aren’t confined to gothic themes. Why not go for a knockout LBD, a corseted number or a long, bias cut evening dress? Surely as long as it has the wow factor you’re looking for, or is what you want, it doesn’t matter what colour it is? If you look good, go for it.