Creative Things to do With Your Bridal Tiara After Your Wedding

Creative Things to do With Your Bridal Tiara After Your Wedding

The big day has come and gone and is now a happy recent memory. With the last guest thanked profusely for attending and their gracious gift, all pieces of china stored away for your first big soiree as a Mr. and Mrs. and your dress sent off for cleaning and preserving, have you lent any thought to your tiara? In the craziness of your honeymoon and getting settled in as newlyweds, the answer is probably no. Below follow some interesting things to do with your bridal tiara after your wedding.


Do you have a friend or relative who will be marrying soon? If so, consider offering up your tiara as part of their wedding day attire. Many brides would be honored to be offered something of sentimental value for use in their celebration. Plus, many brides-to-be struggle with finding something old, new, borrowed or blue. By loaning out your tiara you are helping them with the old and borrowed aspects of the old cliché.

Along the same lines, many little girls would love a beautiful tiara to play dress-up. Sharing your special tiara might create a bond with the special little princess in your life.


Consider setting up a wedding themed display behind glass. Including elements from your wedding, this is a nice way to relive your special celebration. If you used a unity candle, have a special guest book or other memento of your celebration, the tiara can make a lovely addition to the display collection.

Halloween Costume:

Put your bridal tiara to use in a number of princess themed Halloween costumes.


For the sentimental bride, preserving your tiara will likely be in order. Ensure your bridal tiara is cleaned after your event. Hairspray can wreck havoc on this prized headpiece. Once cleaned, safely storing your tiara should be a top priority. Years from now, when your daughter or granddaughter wed, you will be able to share a properly preserved element of your own wedding.


If putting your tiara away or on display is not your style, yet you want to do something memorable, consider repurposing the stones, crystals or other components in a new piece of jewelry.

Wear It: 

Cleaning the house? Glam it up wearing your tiara. Heading out to a bachelorette party? Get your other married friends to sport their tiaras as you celebrate your friend’s upcoming wedding.

There are countless ways to use your bridal tiara post wedding. Find something that offers you the biggest sense of satisfaction and know you have chosen correctly.


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