Hot Wedding Dress Trends for 2022

Hot Wedding Dress Trends for 2022

Planning your 2022 nuptials? Your walk down the aisle is sure to be spectacular considering the wedding dress trends hitting the runways and chic boutiques this season.

Wedding designers have not only thought about the glitz and glamour to ensure you are the star of the event, but have also added some romantic femininity and body shaping structure to help you make an unforgettable entrance.

Wedding Dress Necklines

This year’s wedding gowns have necklines to frame and flatter everyone. Two of the most prominent directions designers are trending toward for 2022 are: 

Illusion Necklines

Sheer fabrics covering the neck, shoulders and/or décolleté allow brides the freedom to move and dance without fidgeting to keep strapless gowns above their bustline.

V-cut Necklines and Backs

From the sexy plunging neckline to the more demure V-cut necks, wedding gowns for 2022 offer them all. The beauty of the V-cut is it elongates the body and leads the viewer’s eyes up and down so your entire ensemble can be admired. 

The Shoulders

Considered one of the most alluring parts of every bride, shoulders in this year’s wedding season are played up to the hilt. Styles are featuring: 


These short-cropped additions to wedding gowns are mostly constructed in sheer fabrics with adorning beads and lace. What makes capelets so appealing is that they can be taken off, giving brides a whole new look. 

Cap Sleeves

Seen in a variety of fabrics, from tulle to satin, and this year’s favorite—lace, the cap sleeve accentuates the curve of the shoulders by slightly hanging over the arm. 

The Legs are long

Flaunt those Pilates-toned legs you’ve worked so hard on the past few months in 2022 wedding dresses where everything from your ankles to your thighs can be shown, as well as those glamorous, if over-priced shoes. 


Sporting glamour and sexiness, 2022 wedding gowns are modeling slits. Thigh-high slits are all the rage, at least on the runways. Many buyers are opting for lower slits to appease those brides who don’t want their grandmothers and future mother-in-laws blushing. Slits on all sides and in front are hot this year. Dresses come with laced-slits, bow slits, beaded slits, and more.

The Body for the Bodice

Curve-appeal is what many upcoming brides will be revealing at their weddings this year. Attention to the body between the neck, shoulders, and waist, with a little help from form-fitting gatherings is certain to bring a “wow” factor to many bridal dresses.


This is a continuation of a trend that made a big splash in 2021 where corset-style wedding dresses cinch waists and give an edgy, modern look. Designers are using these types of close-fitting undergarments as the bodice. Many feature the traditional lacing with embellished bodices so brides can tighten up their dresses to shape and support their body into fitted hourglass silhouettes. Corsets are extremely flattering to the waist and bustline, just be sure you allow yourself room to breathe.

Other Trending Wedding Dress Styles for 2022

Laser-cut lace and sheer lace: Cut-out lace placed at the neck, along the arms and back is popular for 2022. Sheer lace with see-through fabric is also fashionable for the season.

Fringe: Flirty and fun, fringe is all over 2022 wedding dresses. Fringe will be found on many brides from top to bottom.  

Sparkles and Beads: Crystals, pearls, and beads bring shimmer and sparkle to wedding apparel for a rich, princess-like feel.

Colors: You will see brides in colors beyond white for their nuptials this year. Blushes, champagnes, beiges and even Vera Wang’s black are gracing the aisles.

Designers are incorporating many of these trends, mixing and matching them into a single look. When all is said and done, the shapes and silhouettes of the 2022 season are real showstoppers. So take a few of these ideas, slip into your all-time favorite, and add your personality and style. Undoubtedly, you will be the belle of your ball.


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