Creative Things to do With Your Bridal Tiara After Your Wedding

The History of Wedding Tiaras

Next to the wedding gown, a bride’s head-wear is the most elegant piece of the wedding ensemble. Part jewelry and part utility, a wedding tiara exemplifies wealth, abundance, status and beauty in a real and priceless way. The tiara can be easily substituted for the bridal veil and becomes an elegant focal point for the brides’ wedding wear. The tiara has to be carefully considered and chosen.

Wedding tiaras have a long historical history of celebration and the announcement of the presence of a special person. From Egypt to the Ottoman Empire, the tiara was a designated piece of jewelry worn by royalty and their successors. The occasions varied from daily civil dress to weddings and other celebrations.

Throughout European history, it was not uncommon for both men and women to don tiaras as a part of daily dress and special occasions. The wearing of bridal tiaras in America for the bride became popular in the middle of the nineteenth century and flourished throughout the twentieth century.

The meaning is still the same: the tiara exudes elegance, timeless appeal, and a cultivated beauty to the dress and the bride herself. Choosing the perfect tiara for that special day is a worthy event in and of itself. It takes time and consideration.

In choosing a tiara, there are some things that need to be considered. The hairstyle for the special day has to fit the jewelry. Short hair can look elegant in a small and delicately designed tiara. Longer more elaborate hair has more options for the larger crowns and jewelry. The wedding tiara should be tasteful and be an accent to the dress and not the other way around. It should be treated as a piece of jewelry and not as the focal point of the bride’s dress.


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