The perils of a vintage wedding dress

The perils of a vintage wedding dress

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful vintage gown available to you, there are a few things to consider. If you’re very, very lucky, it will fit you perfectly and require no adjustments. If you’re unlucky, the fabric will be too fragile to adjust, or even to wear for a full day. Don’t wait till the week before the wedding to find this out!

More likely, though, it will only require some tweaking, and a little time, to make it perfect. Make sure you leave time for careful cleaning.

After all, it’s been a lot of years since grandma wore this beauty up the aisle. It may have faded, it may have yellowed. If you’re happy wearing a beautifully-aged off-white instead of bright bridal white, this isn’t a problem. If a bright white dress is your dream, you will need to take the dress to an expert. If the fabric has aged so the color is uneven, you may consider dying it.

Again, consult an expert and proceed with caution! Any adjustments will need to be approached with care. Old fabric can be fragile. Pull apart a seam, and you may find that the stitches have left permanent holes. The fabric that used to be inside the seam will probably be a different shade. Unless you are an expert seamstress, you’d be wise to hire yourself a professional who is familiar with the challenges of antique fabrics.

A little bit of family history is worth the extra effort. If you proceed with caution and treat it with the love it deserves, gramma’s gown might even grace a lucky bride in the next generation!


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