Unusual Wedding Dresses and Wedding Dress Trends

Unusual Wedding Dresses and Wedding Dress Trends

Unusual Wedding Dresses

Lots of brides these days are opting for unusual wedding dresses and steering clear of the frilly, lacy, white wedding dresses lining the windows of the High Street shops. If you’re one of those wanting to avoid the ordinary, what are your other options? Lots of brides are using unusual wedding dresses to make their wedding days really stand out. Do you want to be one of them? 

So what’s usual? Your typical, traditional wedding dress usually involves white or off-white fabrics – silk, organza, taffeta, or satin. They’re usually A-line cuts, short trains and strapless bodices. Right now, lots of designers are using overlays of lace or sheer fabrics to create a layered look. It’s pretty, but not all that different from every other wedding dress style you’ll see. Occasionally, you’ll see a more interesting neckline, some pretty details, or a pop of colour that makes a dress look a little different. Personally, though, I love it when brides let their personalities really shine through with truly unique wedding dresses.

The thing I love about unusual wedding dresses is that they’re totally unpredictable. Some are vintage and Victorian looking, covered in sumptuous lace and featuring high collars and even long sleeves. Others are themed for rockabilly weddings or feature details from particular eras. Unusual wedding dresses are as varied as the personalities of the women who wear them.

If you simply can’t picture yourself being comfortable in a fussy white meringue, why not check out some of the trends for unusual dresses? You don’t even have to follow a trend! You can create your own, but at least the trends can give you some ideas.

Trends to look for

There are a few unique wedding dress trends that have gained enough popularity to make it into the most fashion forward wedding shops. You may be able to find a Victorian style dress at a typical shop. This can be fun because creative designers often take Victorian elements and blend them with modern features to come up with a really interesting look.

Short wedding dresses are really gaining popularity, too. I love that weddings are starting to lose their formal stuffiness. Set the tone for a more fun, casual day with a knee length or mid-calf length dress. It could still be made of the sumptuous fabrics used for traditional wedding dresses, or you could go even more casual with cottons, linens and other everyday wear fabrics.

Some unusual wedding dresses actually come out of cultural traditions, too. As more brides and grooms come from widely varying cultures, they try to incorporate traditions in a unique way. Brides are often wearing African, Asian, or Indian, or even Celtic wedding dresses to celebrate their heritage. 

They say what goes around comes around. Nowhere is that truer than in the world of fashion! Some brides are bringing back the early 1900s with Edwardian dresses, which have different details than Victorian dresses. Personally, I think the empire waistlines of the era are a great look. 

And then we have the brides who want to bring back recent history. If you really want to make a splash with your wedding dress, try bringing back the 1980s. An entire 1980s themed wedding would, in fact, be a blast. Bring back the music and neon colours of your childhood and top it all off with an 1980s style wedding dress.

Just ask your mother what she wore, and you’ll be on the right track to the perfect 1980s dress. Don’t forget the big hair to go with the big dress if you’re really going to play the part! So who’s for a perm then?


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