Oh, Snap! Wedding Day Photos You Dont Want to Miss

Oh, Snap! Wedding Day Photos You Don’t Want to Miss

You hope to remember everything on your wedding day forever, but the event can fly by in a flash. To make sure you don’t forget a single detail, it’s important to have a diligent photographer capture all of the moments that may zip by you in the excitement and joy of the day. Not only will you have a complete account of your wedding but, you will have mementos that bring those feelings rushing back each time you look at them. 

When hiring a wedding photographer, it’s important to make sure you’ve seen examples of his or her work, and that you feel comfortable in his or her presence. If you don’t like whom you’ve hired, it may show in your pictures. Do your research and ensure you have the right fit.  Once you’ve chosen a photographer, you should provide them with a list of photos that you want taken.

Traditional wedding party and family shots are usually a top priority, but there are other special moments that you’ll be delighted to have captured as well. We’ve compiled a list of wedding shots to round out your album and leave you with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve captured the day completely.

The Transformation of the Bride

One of the most enjoyable parts of your wedding day can be the process of getting ready. Whether in a salon or in a hotel room, you’ll want to have the photographer on-hand to capture the hair and makeup application and the putting on of the dress and veil. There should be a few shots of the groom tying his tie or fixing his hair too. These are special moments of anticipation and excitement that you can treasure years down the line.

The Gleaming Groom/First Look

When the music starts playing and the guests rise, all eyes are on the bride. As everyone’s ooh-ing and ahh-ing in your direction, you’ll want to immortalize the groom’s face when he sees you for the first time. This is a priceless look that you’ll want to cherish forever.

The First Kiss

This may seem like an obvious one, but the moment passes quickly and in the excitement of cheering and clapping, your kiss could get missed. Having this picture can bring you back to that exact moment you became husband and wife over and over again.

The First Dance

The first dance between a husband and wife is an intimate moment that’ll produce sentimental candid shots of you and your husband looking into one another’s eyes, resting your head on his shoulder, holding back tears, or whispering and smiling. You’ll be so focused on each other that you’ll surely want to see later what this moment looked like to others. Some couples opt for an upbeat and choreographed first dance, producing playful candids.

The Toasts

Toasts are a time for family members and bridal party to give funny or emotional advice and well-wishes to the couple. Shots of not only those giving a toast, but your reaction as a couple to each toast can make a great photograph. You may not always be able to remember exactly what they said, but you can look back and remember who spoke and how they made you feel.

The Details

After you spent months envisioning your wedding ceremony and reception, picking colors, themes, and accents, it will be nice to have a permanent reminder of how everything looked all together and the details you invested so much time into. This includes centerpieces, flowers, invitation, place cards, the guest book, and favors.

Time to Party

After all the formalities, and maybe a few cocktails, your guests will start to loosen up and have fun celebrating on the dance floor. It will give you a chuckle to go back and see your crazy uncle doing the Twist or a friend’s toddler asleep on her shoulder in the midst of all the noise. Some couples hand out props and colorful favors to make the pictures extra entertaining.

The Fairytale Finale

As the last song plays and the last dance comes to an end, your new life as husband and wife will shine through on your faces, in your body language, and, in turn, your pictures.

Again, it’s important to speak with your photographer about all the shots you’ll want on this day. A schedule of the day’s events with locations and times can be especially helpful so they won’t miss a single moment. With an array of photos, you will be able to thumb through your album with your husband, friends, and family and easily remember one of the most important days of your life.

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