5 things to discuss with your Wedding DJ

Hey DJ: 5 things to discuss with your Wedding DJ

I have been on the professional end of a hundred DJ meetings (and on the bride’s end of one). At these meetings, I helped brides and grooms plan a variety of aspects of the reception, and most of the time the couple had no idea that most of these things had to be planned by them (magic doesn’t just happen, let me tell you). Music and announcements play a huge role in your Big Day, so take advantage of meeting with your DJ ahead of time to discuss these items:

  • Schedule of events — Yes, this is a party, but you’re paying your vendors for a certain amount of time, and certain events must take place. Your DJ should be able to make announcements to get people in place for these, and the correct music can give your guests a clue as well. You’ll need to schedule the time you’ll actually get there, first dance, cake cutting, toast, bouquet and garter toss, etc., and probably choose songs for these as well.
  • Songs for special dances and special requests — Think a little about this before you get to your meeting. If you don’t have anything in mind for your first dance, your DJ will likely have a list of suggestions for you to browse. It’s just more fun if it’s something meaningful, or at least an old favorite, even if it’s not on any Top Ten Wedding Song lists. Also, if you’re a group dance junkie and want plenty of Electric Slide variations, now’s the time to discuss it.
  • Order of entrance — It’s nice to give your bridal party some recognition when they walk into the reception. Please keep in mind that if someone has a name that’s difficult to pronounce, a phonetic spelling will be much appreciated by your DJ.
  • Type of music — No brainer, I know, but if you want only big band classics for the first two hours of your reception, you’d better let me know. Your guests will make requests, and if you have certain types of music you want played at specific times, it should be decided ahead of time.
  • Don’t play under penalty of death list — If you don’t like a song (or musical genre), you don’t have to have it at your reception. By giving your DJ specifics, he/she will be able to refuse a request for that from your guests, should they ask for it. If you don’t mention that you can’t stand Sister Sledge, then We Are Family is fair game.

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