How to have a pink wedding

How to have a pink wedding

Do you have a secret (or not so secret) passion for that eye-blinding color everyone loves to hate? Flaunt it proudly as one of your wedding colors; just be sure to do it with style. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you have an added excuse to go for the color palette you want. Read the following tips to make sure you have a brilliantly hot pink wedding, and you get away with it, too!

Keep it Simple

If pink is one of your wedding colors, don’t use too many other hues in your décor (unless you’re intentionally going for a neon wedding palette, that is). Keep it simple by pairing hot pink with white alone, or with white and black for a little added depth.

Are you torn deciding between stripes and polka dots? Be careful of using too many patterns in your room decoration. With such a bright color claiming the spotlight, the rest of your setting should be as simple as possible to avoid visual competition. When your guests enter the room, they shouldn’t feel like they’re entering a 10-ring circus. When used sparingly, the bright color will enliven your room without overwhelming it. 

Small Touches & Small Pink Details

Keep your pink details small; not only will you spare your guests’ retinas from color overload, but you’ll also give each detail its own spotlight. A wedding cake that’s hot pink inside and out isn’t very appetizing, for example, but pink icing florets, bows, or sugar jewels on the cake can add unique visual appeal.

While no one wants to read text on hot pink stationery, the color makes an eye-catching edging for wedding invitations and Save the Dates. Look for pink gel pens to sign your name on the thank-you notes!

Nature doesn’t grow flowers in electric pink, unfortunately, but it can come pretty close. Orchids, peonies, roses, and tulips all come in eye-catching pink shades. You can go a step further and purchase dyed white flowers, which can achieve even more dazzling hues. Silk flowers can attain even more vibrant pinks than natural blooms. Nestle pink flowers in mostly-white bouquets to draw attention to your electric petals.

Hot Pink Peonies to brighten up your wedding bouquets
Hot Pink Peonies

Use vivid pink uplighting interspersed with white lights to give your venue a warm, energetic feeling. The right lighting can establish the perfect mood no matter what style of wedding venue you’ve chosen. Pink lighting adds an extra bonus, too: the blushing tones flatter nearly every skin tone. There’s a reason so many clubs and concerts use pink light!

Hot pink touches are perfect for adding small splashes of color to otherwise-traditional wedding fashion. Pair bright pink shoes with a white wedding gown, or add hot pink feathers to a delicate fascinator or hairpiece. Looking for a compromise? Bright pink tulle underskirts are a delightful way to add a flash of color as the brides and bridesmaids walk, but the distracting color will stay hidden while the dresses aren’t in motion.

Pink fingernails and toenails are a fun way to add the color to your wedding day look, and a mani-pedi date at the spa is usually a lovely way to thank your bridesmaids for being a part of your wedding. Matching fingernails will give your bridesmaids an extra feeling of togetherness, especially if they aren’t wearing matching dresses.

As much as you may be tempted, don’t insist that your bridesmaids wear hot pink dresses. Besides the fact that they’ll never wear them again, the color can swallow some shades of brunette or red hair. While pink lighting tends to flatter all skin tones, pink material does not. You may be able to get away with hot pink dresses if all of your bridesmaids have very pale or very dark skin and hair. 

Go for Pink and dazzle your guests

Whether you’re handing your friends pink martinis as they walk into your reception, or you’re ladling out pink lemonades out for the younger set, you won’t find many guests who can’t get enthusiastic about your theme. Your wedding colors should be as bright and notable as your personality.

You’ll get the best results if you treat hot pink like a strong flavor; use it in good taste and your whole wedding will sparkle.