Red and Green: A (Not So) Christmassy Wedding

Red and Green: A (Not So) Christmassy Wedding

Are you so busy with wedding planning you’re seeing red? It’s time to add a little green (and not just because you’ll make your friends insanely jealous of your festive wedding colors). Give your color palette some holiday cheer by adopting green and red as your theme colors.

Don’t worry–bedecking your wedding with green and red won’t make your guests confuse your reception with a December department store. Play a little with the color theme to make it truly your own. You can incorporate some pale greens (think nearly white) along with deep, dark reds for a modern color palette that gives just a friendly nod to the winter holidays.


Nowhere are wedding colors better placed than in your floral arrangements. If you want a strictly traditional holiday look, hearken back to Victorian Christmas tradition and deck your wedding venue with boughs of fragrant evergreens. Pay special attention to the areas along windowsills, above doorways, and along banisters. Be sure to line your wedding altar as well! Wreaths, both store-bought and DIY masterpieces, may be hung on any vertical surface or laid flat to surround candles and bowls. To complement the deep evergreen color of the boughs, stud the evergreens with rich, red holly berries and poinsettias.

Looking for a red-and-green combination that doesn’t scream Christmas quite so loudly? Give the seasonal colors a more romantic twist. Intersperse sprigs of green mistletoe with red roses. You’ll still get the festive atmosphere of a winter holiday, but you’ll also create a more intimate feeling. Red roses’ reputation as flowers of true love intermix quite well with mistletoe’s reputation as a kiss-inducing plant. Hang a few floral arrangements above your venue’s doorways and you just might inspire a few weddings among your invitees!

Are you stuck between wanting the comfort of tradition and the novelty of an unconventional wedding? Fear not; you can have both! Take the classic red and green of Christmas and give them your own spin. Roses and orchids both come in varieties so dark red they’re nearly a very warm black. Pair them with pale green hydrangea flowers or delicate, light green orchids, and you’ll end up with a color combination that’s almost black and white–but not quite.


It’s a rare skin tone that doesn’t go well with either red or green, so give your bridesmaids a choice of their favorite color dress. You’ll earn their gratitude as well as ensuring that your wedding photos look vibrant and spectacular. Alternating red bridesmaid dresses with green sashes, shawls, shoes, and accessories (and vice versa) is a fun way to keep your color scheme unified.

For the groomsmen, pair red ties and kerchiefs with green boutonnieres and vice versa. You may want to incorporate some festive patterns, such as plaid or paisley, into the fabrics for extra texture. Don’t forget to tie each boutonniere with a contrasting ribbon!

Bright red lipstick is a holiday favorite, and there’s no better excuse than a themed wedding to wear the bold look you love. Matching red lipsticks make popular bridesmaid gifts, too. For an additional touch of Christmassy cheer, add some sparkly green eye shadow.

Wondering how to incorporate your wedding colors into your bridal gown? If you look great in red, now’s the time to follow Chinese wedding tradition and wear a bright red dress–it’s considered a lucky nuptial color in quite a few cultures. If you feel more comfortable in a white wedding gown, you can augment your bridal outfit with red and green jewelry, fascinators, shoes, shawls, and nail polish. Don’t forget that you can also take any white gown to an alterations shop to have the lacing or trim replaced with a red or green of your choice. 

As far as wedding colors go, Christmassy colors are very versatile. The world of red and green is open to you. Whether you want to create a cozy venue that would make Santa Claus proud, or you want to use the traditional colors as a jumping-off point for your own sensibilities, you can do what you like with the theme. Much like an annual holiday, the best part of a wedding lies in how you celebrate it!