Stylish Table Flowers For Your Wedding

Stylish Table Flowers For Your Wedding

Flowers, steeped as they are in symbolism, are an important part of your wedding day

Apart from the traditional messages they convey, flowers can also be used as a unique expression of yourself, and impart a fantastic sense of occasion to your reception venue, easily transforming it from a dull room to a fairytale setting. (Although don’t get carried away and build a mini-jungle. As with all things, less is more).

Bearing in mind that your flowers are going to eat up a large chunk of your wedding budget, you really need to be very clear about what you want and how much you can afford to spend.

Of course, the first step is to find a florist. But consider the following as well, when asking your questions and making decisions:

  • what flowers do you like and dislike
  • do you like formal arrangements or a simpler style
  • are flowers a priority for your wedding day
  • will they be the starting point for your decor or will they fit in with an overall theme

Keep in mind that table arrangements should be either below eye-level or above it. Nothing kills conversation faster than not being able to see who you’re talking to and that’s no good unless you particularly want your wedding to die an early and silent death.

Single blooms are marvellous for smaller venues (but they’ll get lost in a larger room) and can be incorporated into place markers, cutlery settings and favors. If a strong, bold colour is used, far less are needed to create a striking visual impact.

Think about the size of your tables, and everything you plan to put on them. Your table should be as uncluttered as possible, so choose the size of your arrangements carefully. On smaller tables, petite central posies surrounded by lush foliage will leave ample room for place settings and favours, whilst creating a sleek and elegant effect. Or go very high with towering floral trees or candelabra-style designs.

The great thing with flowers is that they are so versatile and create such stunning effects and florists nowadays are pretty much artists in their own right.

Work closely with your florist and make darn sure they interpret your ideas correctly and remember that it’s all in the detail. A perfectly opened blossom, a pretty favour, an elegant place card and you have the makings of a stylish and chic setting.


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