the benefits of a small wedding

The benefits of a small wedding

Would you have a wedding for just ten guests? How about five? Extremely intimate weddings aren’t just for couples who don’t have many family members or friends. Even if you’ve got a thriving social life, you may want to consider a tiny wedding for a number of reasons. Financial reasons are only the beginning–extremely intimate weddings also avoid family drama and bring guests together for a close, personal experience.

Foster intimacy at your small wedding

Promising yourself to the love of your life is, at its core, an intimate moment. When you strip away the pomp and circumstance of most wedding celebrations, you are left with what is, essentially, a very important decision being made by two people. The witnesses and officiants are there to make the union legal, but the ultimate meaning behind the ritual is for you and your intended alone.

Some couples want to keep their weddings intimate, but don’t like the idea of eloping. Eloping can feel a little too much like running away or abandoning loved ones, and it often comes with connotations of sneaking away to hide an inappropriate marriage.

An intimate wedding, on the other hand, comes with all of the festivity and celebration as a traditional wedding–it just comes with a much smaller guest list. Intimate weddings are also perfect choices for couples considering confidential marriages.

The benefits of having a small wedding

With a guest list of under 10 people, you still get that “real wedding” feeling. That means you’re less likely to have regrets later in life about having missed an important tradition (as brides and grooms who eloped sometimes do). Plus, the people you do share your big day with get to feel extra important because you valued their friendship enough to include them.

Save Money

The factor that determines the wedding budget more than any other is the guest list. With under 10 guests, you can wine and dine each person for over 100 dollars a head and still come out ahead of a couple who serves pasta salad and sheet cake to a few hundred acquaintances.

Planning a destination wedding? When you only invite a few of your closest friends, you may even be able to pay for the majority of your guests’ expenses. Unlike some destination weddings that come across as expensive impositions, when you pay for your nearest and dearest, you’re actually treating them to a real vacation.

Even if you’re staying near home, a small wedding group means you can slide under the radar when planning wedding activities. Just mention the word “wedding” to most venues and vendors, and the price hikes up considerably. If you’re just planning a “small party,” on the other hand, you can get the same services for a fraction of the cost. Don’t drop the “W-word” until you’ve agreed on a price; with so few attendees, you’re likely to score some major deals.

If you’re not a social butterfly and you don’t have a large family, there’s no reason to pad your guest list with people you aren’t extraordinarily close with just for the sake of a “regular” wedding. Just invite the few who matter most, and you’ll be able to indulge every wedding whim in true style.

Enjoy Flexibility

Unlike large, unwieldy groups of guests, you won’t have to worry about everyone navigating their way from the ceremony site to the reception on time. In fact, you can all pile into one or two cars! Don’t feel like having a traditional reception after your wedding? No problem.

Just play it by ear after the wedding and everyone can decide whether they want to go out for dinner, drinks, or dancing. With a small enough group, you may not even need to make a reservation.

Wedding photos are no problem with a small wedding group. Large weddings traditionally have a photo hour between the ceremony and reception where guests mingle while the wedding party poses for shots.

This means the guests often have to cool their heels while waiting. With an intimate wedding group, there’s no risk of boredom because everybody is in the shot!

Feeling formal? You can still have the dress and tux you want, the cake you want, the decorations you want, and even the ceremony music and long procession down the aisle. The only thing that changes when you have a very small number of guests is the feeling of intimacy during the wedding.

With a small, intimate celebration, you’ll not only feel closer to your new spouse after the wedding–you’ll feel closer to all your guests, as well.


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