What is Damask?

What is Damask?

Damask is an Arabic, woven tapestry embellishment featuring intricate designs, more commonly made on the jacquard loom. It is an increasingly popular design used in many modern wedding themes. From invitations to the wedding cake, it is a bold, artistic take on a classic icon.

There is, however, a certain amount of caution that should be exercised when using this pattern. It can often become too “busy” and too “loud” when found in every element of the decor, or crowded together next to itself. Spread this design evenly throughout the elements. If you have a damask table runner or cloth, pair it with solid plates and napkins, preferably of a contrasting, solid color.

If you use damask heavily in the styling of your wedding cake, keep accessories featuring damask to a minimum; more specifically, omit the table cloths and napkins with the same design. This way, your cake stays the focus of the reception, and not drowned out by “that busy pattern” that appears to be splashed everywhere.

Another “don’t” of using damask is to never incorporate it into the wedding attire, except in the case of bridesmaids, when used tastefully and with discretion. Damask walks a fine line between appearing rich and tasteful, and outright tacky. If used too much it can appear to be a themed, little girl’s birthday party rather than the elegant occasion of your wedding.

Wedding guest gifts can also feature this pattern, from small gift boxes, to mint tins, it looks classic and rich in style. It can also put an elegant touch to anything, and makes a big impression when used on your “save the date” cards. You can find damask on ribbons, fabric, paper napkins, candles, stamps, even tape, and other creative materials to create the invitations, thank you cards, guest gifts, center pieces, and other accessories for your big day.

Many bakers are specializing in this unique design, pairing it with the chosen color scheme for the wedding to create an elegant and bold statement. Often this print is featured in black and white, but other color combos compliment this intricate pattern beautifully. Such as: turquoise and chocolate, black and green, and black and yellow compliment each other perfectly. Black, white and red is also a daringly romantic duo that is also becoming popular in damask themed weddings. Colors that are rarely paired with damask are orange and purple.

If dusty rose and classic gold just aren’t your style, damask is a bold and modern choice that makes any wedding decor memorable. It says a lot about the bride and groom, and not just about their taste. It is also an easy theme to execute since there are many bakers, designers, and wedding shops that cater to this popular pattern. You won’t have trouble finding a variety of options falling under this category.