Why not have a silver and gold wedding

Why not have a silver and gold wedding

When you’re in love and planning a wedding, your celebration should match the glorious feelings inside of you. What colors could be more appropriate than resplendent silver and majestic gold? The precious metals have been symbols of wealth and success for thousands of years. Gold and silver are frequently used to represent the brilliance of the sun and moon in art and poetry; so why not borrow some glitz from the most well-known celestial couple on (or above, really) earth?

Wedding Party Gifts

If you want to thank the important people who made your wedding happen, turn to silver and gold themed gifts. Silver and gold make beautiful colors for gifts of jewelry for your wedding party (be sure to match each bridesmaid’s skin tone with the appropriate color metal; when in doubt, check the color of the jewelry she usually wears). Silver and gold colored flasks and pocket watches make elegant, traditional gifts for groomsmen. You don’t have to spend your life savings on pure gold accessories for all your friends, but if you’re buying gold and silver colored jewelry that isn’t actually made of gold and silver, it’s best to research allergen warnings before giving it to a friend to wear.

Feel like giving gifts that are a little more playful? Turn to gold and silver sequins. From bow ties to high heeled shoes, giving your wedding party members a little dash of matching glitz can amp up the energy of your wedding (or just your bachelor and bachelorette parties) into Broadway-style smiles.

Silver and Gold Beverages

Who says your wedding colors are for guests’ eyes only? Stock your bar with silver and gold varieties of tequila (the difference is in the aging process, if you’re curious) for shots, tastings, or signature cocktails. 

You may also want to incorporate Goldschläger into your cocktail menu, since the cinnamon liqueur is famous for flecks of actual gold floating in the bottle. (Just don’t go hunting for cocktails that include actual silver, since ingesting too much will cause a condition called argyria that turns your skin a permanent blue.)

The Wedding Rings

Ask any jeweler: it’s important to match your jewelry to your skin tone. Nowhere is this advice more important than in the shop where you choose your wedding ring, since you’ll wear it on your finger every day. As a general rule, if your skin has “cooler” tones (think pinks and blues), silver jewelry will flatter you, and if your skin has “warmer” tones (think oranges and yellows), gold jewelry will flatter you. Don’t be fooled by the paleness or darkness of your skin; tone is about the delicate hints of color that concentrate in areas like fingertips, knees, and elbows.

If you and your partner have different skin tones, there’s no reason both of you have to wear wedding rings of the same color metal. Design two rings in similar styles, with one of you wearing the silver version and one of you wearing the gold. That way, you can celebrate not only how alike you are, but also how well you complement each other.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Silver and Gold

Since both gold and silver mining present challenges for the environment similar to diamond mining, you may decide to pass on the literal metals and go for the glitz instead. 

Use metallic gold and silver makeup to give your face an additional glow (since you’ll already be glowing on your wedding day, of course). Metallic makeup also makes fun bridesmaid gifts. Makeup with coarse pieces of glitter should be used sparingly for a carnival or masquerade wedding theme. Makeup with fine pieces of glitter can just be rubbed into the cheeks or eyelids for a subtle shimmer.

In the mood for gold and silver decorations? You’ll be able to find no shortage of decorative pine cones, willow branches, and other foliage painted metallic gold and silver at craft and décor shops, but if you want to find something more natural, you’ll also have success with fruits and leaves that come by their metallic splendor naturally. Plums and grapes often grow with subtle, silvery sheens, as do eucalyptus leaves. For natural gold accents, incorporate sunflowers, yellow gingko leaves, long-stemmed wheat, and exotic kiwano melons into your bouquets and floral arrangements. 

Timeless Elegance

The nice thing about pairing silver and gold as wedding colors is that they never go out of style. The metals themselves have been considered precious since the dawn of society, and they still sparkle around the wrists and necklines of modern celebrities at every red carpet occasion. Taking silver and gold as inspiration for your nuptial festivities will ensure that your wedding is filled with timeless elegance.