Maid of honor wedding speech

Sample Maid of Honor Wedding Speech

Best Friend: Maid of Honor Sample Speech

Delivered by: Best friend

Focus on: History with bride

Mood: Funny, non-traditional, casual

“Hi everyone—welcome to the party! Did I say party? I meant wedding. Jane and John told me if I referred to their wedding as a party one more time that I might have something to worry about—I’m still here! Really, I’m not here to ruin your special day—I’m only messing with you guys.

John, you really are a lucky man. Jane has been looking for a long long long time for someone like you. And trust me, she’s been looking everywhere. Bars. Clubs. Pool halls. College dorms. High schools. A junior high or two. Ha, I’m just joking on that one but really…I think she’s dated a percentage of the population by this point. I remember when she broke up with Mike—the guy she dated before you—she didn’t think she’d ever find anyone. She was so sure she was going to become like Samantha on Sex in the City. You know, the single one who goes to everyone else’s wedding but never has one of her own.

We even went on that cruise to prove that she wasn’t a character on a sitcom. Unfortunately, all we proved was that one tequila, two tequila, three tequila floor is a true expression. We used to both be such parties girls. The rest of our friends used to look to us to bring the party to them. But it got old so quick. We both just grew out of it.

I’m glad we stayed friends through that period of our lives because Jane, I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’ve been my best friend since we were kids and now we’re not kids anymore and you’re taking a giant leap into adulthood and you don’t need me anymore. I used to feel like I was the big sister and I had to take care of you.

But you don’t need me anymore to take care of you: you have John. I’m so glad that you two good found each other and that you’ve invited us all here for your special day. I’m happy to be a part of it and even happier for the love that you both have found.

Congratulations Janie, you’re married! May your life be better than any Sitcom!”


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