What to do if you have an unbalanced guest list at your wedding

What to do if you have an unbalanced guest list at your wedding

If your fiance has more family and friends attending the wedding than you do, you might be concerned about having his side of the aisle filled up and your side looking empty (or vice versa). Don’t feel bad about that — while it’s not a contest to see who can have more loved ones show up, it’s still a little disconcerting to think that you only have enough family to fill four rows and his side will be standing room only.

We actually ran into this issue because I’m the only child of two only children, and my husband has aunts and uncles on both sides, complete with cousins, etc. And, call me a selfish b**** if you want, but I really didn’t want to look back out at our guests and think, “Gee, he has a lot more people who care about him than I do.” Besides, by the time we got married, we knew most members of each other’s family, and I like to think that they came to see the two of us get married, not just the one to whom they happened to be related.

To solve this, we asked our ushers to fill the sides from the front and work backward, keeping it even on each side and not worrying about who the guest knew. My folks sat on my side, and Jared’s sat on his, but other than that it was all mixed up, and it was great. I received no complaints from any guests, and when we looked back on our crowd, it was really just like one big happy family that we’d helped to bring together. What’s better than that?


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