Why Not Make your Big Day a Big Weekend?

Why Not Make your Big Day a Big Weekend?

Do you have any idea how quickly your actual wedding and reception will fly by? It jumps from “I do” to twirling on the dance floor to cutting the cake to the big escape, all in the blink of an eye. I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but you should know that you will not have the opportunity to spend quality time with each and every one of your guests

But there are options . . .

If you are inviting a lot of guests you are just dying to spend time with (family from out of state, old college buddies, etc.), you might want to consider having more than just a Big Day–spread it out into a Big Weekend, or more!

Having a wedding late on Friday night in an interesting location might give your guests a much needed excuse to take a vacation. If you’re marrying on the beach (I know I’m always going back to this, but that’s what I did and I thought it was great!), they might really enjoy coming down a few days early and soaking up the sun.

A Friday wedding gives you all Saturday to play with your guests and really enjoy their company before they have to jet home. You can plan fun events or just have a meeting place where everyone can hang out together and reminisce about the evening before.

Additionally, planning your wedding on a long weekend (such as Memorial Day) might allow your guests to stick around an extra day. However, keep in mind that some people have standing plans for holiday weekends such as this, so you are likely to receive a few extra regrets in your RSVPs.


Lisa is a special needs teacher and a hugger. She always makes time for everyone and lightens up everybody’s lives with her presence. When she is not chasing her students around the yard, she finds time to write about what she truly loves, and you guessed it, its people and relationships.