The Wedding Day

having an eco or holistic wedding

Having a wedding that reflects your values and priorities

There’s a pretty good chance your wedding may be the most expensive and involved production of your life, and it can be easy to forget the bigger picture and to lose sight of what really matters.

Pumpkin Wedding Cocktail

Some Pumpkin Wedding Cocktails

The summer temperatures have barely dropped, but now that the calendar has switched to September, fall is suddenly everywhere you look. Along with the premature Halloween decorations,

Islamic Wedding Customs

Islamic Wedding Customs

The Islamic religion and its many sects often host marriages that are large celebrations, with many specific rituals that started thousands of years ago. An Islamic ceremony in Africa can be drastical...

Why not have a belly dancing wedding?

Why not have a belly dancing wedding?

A shimmy of the hip, a jingle of the coin belt, and your wedding reception gains the mystique and grace of a Turkish palace.

How to get your guests dancing at your wedding reception

How to get your guests dancing at your wedding reception

You've spent months winnowing down the perfect playlist, venue, and DJ. But the big day comes, and everyone is too timid to leave their seats.

cocktail party wedding reception

Why not have a cocktail party themed wedding reception?

Couples today are thinking of new and different ways to entertain their wedding guests. One chic idea quickly is to host a cocktail reception

The first dance

The first dance

A first dance between the bride and the groom is a perfect symbol of two lives joining together.

why not have a punk rock wedding?

Why not have a punk rock wedding?

Weddings are the best when they celebrate those getting married, and if you're a punk rocker in your heart, then your marriage should reflect your style

Performing at your wedding

Performing at your own wedding

For most brides and grooms, getting up in front of a crowd and giving speeches is quite enough performing for one lifetime.